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Chummy Chum joins Sun Life Group – Ivy Banch’s Christmas outreach program at CHILD Haus

December 21, 2016

MANILA – Together with Mother Ricky and Mr. Jesus Duresa, we had an event for the children at CHILD Haus at Manila. We and the other sponsors arrived at the location of the event very early to prepare for the program which will start at 10:00 AM. Upon our arrival, we were told that there has been a minor change in the schedule because Mr. Jesus Dureza, along with his wife, unexpectedly set a meeting at CHILD Haus which made Mother Ricky rush to accommodate them. Because of this, the event started at 12:00 PM from the planned 10:00 AM. Though, we did not hear anyone complain about it because Mr. Duresa gave cash and goods for the children who currently live at CHILD Haus. After his speech, we started cooking popcorn and cotton candy and Sunlife Group prepared their giveaways and goodies. Chummy Chum went onstage to entertain the children by giving them a dance number and by allowing them to take pictures with him.

Thank you Sunlife for bags of Popcorn donation.

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