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Chummy Chum Joins the Macoy Family and Their Friends’ Feeding Program for Poor Kids at Pacita,

April 21, 2017

PACITA, LAGUNA – This request can be traced from almost last year; and now, since conflicting schedules have finally settled, Chummy Chum was able to join them. Upon our arrival to the venue, they gave us the food they prepared for us and for the clowns. While setting up our booth, the clowns also prepared their speakers brought by the group we are joining today. This day is the donor’s birthday and he wanted to celebrate his special day by making children happy with the help of his family and volunteers. The event started with games led by the clown who later gave them a magic show, twisted balloons, and puppet show. Then, Chummy Chum gave them a dance number and had picture-taking with them. The kids were then given the food.

Thank you very much Ms. April for toys as prizes for the games.

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