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Chummy Chum Leads a Couple to their Thanksgiving Outreach Program at CSWDO

December 20, 2016

PARANAQUE CITY – This afternoon, after our event in Mandaluyong, we went to our 2nd event located at CSWDO center for abandoned and abused kids at Paranaque City. This one is an extemporaneous request to the center because there was a problem in a foundation at Mandaluyong and the event cannot be postponed anymore because, according to the sponsors themselves, that is the only time that they will be in Manila. We have decided to lead the sponsors at a center in Paranaque. The sponsor is a couple who are about to get married. They prepared a lot of gifts. They prepared gifts for 60 children but only 35 were present in the center. There were loot bags, food, and prizes for games. There were so many gifts that the kids don’t know how to carry their gifts anymore. Unfortunately, the groom went to the event late. He wasn’t able to see the gift-giving part of the program. Fortunately, some people have had it recorded in their phones.

We intended not to disclose photos of the kids for their protection.

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