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Chummy Chum Leads Ms. Adryane on Her Daughter’s 10th Birthday at the Pedia Ward of the Out-patient D

January 4, 2017

EAST AVE., QUEZON CITY – For the first charity event of this year, Chummy Chum lead Ms. Adryane on her daughter’s 10thbirthday. It is her first time to have a gift-giving at EAMC. According to her, they wanted to help people (children in particular) in need but they have no idea how or where to start. Luckily, a friend of her is a volunteer of Chummy Chum Foundation. Ms. Ahne was a volunteer of Chummy Chum since she was in college. So, upon hearing Ms. Adryane’s request, we immediately contacted the staff of EAMC to set an event. Their staff did not hesitate to let us have an event and even called the outreach program a blessing.

The donor prepared toys and food to give to the children waiting their names to be called to have their check up. Upon our arrival, we prepared our machines as the celebrant, Ms. Adryane’s daughter, goes to the room of the children to meet and talk to them. When the popcorn finally popped, the celebrant had a picture-taking with the children and the food and the giveaways prepared were distributed to the children.

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