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Chummy Chum Leads Ms. Ann and Her Family in Sharing Their Blessings to the Poor Community Kids Handl

January 14, 2017

MAKATI CITY – We’ve been with Ms. Ann and her family for a long time now in events like these. They donate cupcakes and juices if they have time which are then distributed to public hospitals we visit. This time, they requested for an event in Makati City. Immediately, we contacted the Rotary of Kabataang West Rembo and they also contacted a group who teaches good values to children.

When the day of the event came, everyone was excited. While the clowns are preparing themselves, the volunteers from YWCA led a game. After them, the clowns took the stage and made the kids join the games. After the games, Ms. Ann and her family was given recognition. They prepared food, toys, and loot bags for the children. It is a wonderful sight to see the 4 groups worked altogether to make children happy.

Thank you Ma’am Edith for toys as additional prizes for the games.

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