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Chummy Chum Leads Teacher Rowena and Her Group for Her Birthday Party with the Cancer-patients of Na

February 28, 2017

QUEZON CITY – Another visitation was booked by the social service of National Children’s Hospital. The request is from a celebrant who is a cancer-survivor. Due to the celebrant’s busy schedule, they asked Chummy Chum to assist in ordering the food and buying gifts. Today, aside from the things the celebrant requested, they also brought along with them loot bags, food, balloons, toys, etc. The event started with our new clown, Luke, from Pasig City who purposely lowered his talent fee for charity purposes. He entertained the children with games. Then, he gave the children balloon sculptures made in front of them. While eating, he performed magic tricks that left children in amazement. But everyone also enjoyed the puppet show with Luke’s puppet, Rick, as her made them laugh. For the finale, after the foods have been distributed, Chummy Chum met the new patients of the Hema Ward of NCH and the birthday celebrant.

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