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Chummy Chum & Ms. Anjee Bring Smiles and Gifts to Cerebral Palsy Kids of PCPI at Sacred Heart M

CCF Team headed to Philippine Cerebral Palsy, Inc., in Sacred Heart St., San Antonio, Makati City as per the request of Ms. Anjee to hold a party with children with cerebral palsy.

We experienced a bit of a setback since this is the first time we did an outreach with undermanned staff. Some had to go to a meeting at PGH, another one informed us that he is unavailable.

It was difficult, but when we see the hopeful faces of children, you forget the hardship and be just determined to finish the program for the sake of the kids.

The children were given food, though there was confusion since we only counted the children, we should have considered the parents also.

The party started with games hosted by the clowns so the children will not be impatient. When the donor arrived, everyone became lively because the children know that it is gift-giving time.

Aside from Chummy Chum freebies, Ms. Anjee distributed bags containing blankets, hygiene kits, facemask and comb. We made sure that those who will get gifts are really poor. The remaining bags were donated to CCF.

Thank you Ms. Anjee for donating 30 bags full of gifts for Chummy Chum beneficiaries.

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