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Chummy Chum on the first day of 2021, joined by Ma’m Anonymous.

On the very first day of 2021, Chummy Chum Foundation together with a partner-donor, who didn’t want to be named, so we called her Ma’m Anonymous, went out on the street to welcome the new year with great positivity. Searching for whoever they will meet and share the blessings with. Along the stretch of Sucat Road, they met many street children, who are, in their very young body and mind, looking for something good brought by the newly arrived year. Children who are not asking for expensive toys, beautiful clothes, or comfortable shoes, but simply food to fill their starving stomach. The Chummy Chum team were very lucky to have found them, The street children received a ready-to-eat food pack, juice, Chummy Chum stuff toy and set of coloring book with crayons, and face masks. The team also gave to all street dwellers they met.

It is truly an amazing feeling to start the year right by sharing the blessings at the onset of the new year. Thank you for the untiring effort of the Chummy Chum team as well as our dear partner-donors who voluntarily came to help.

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