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Chummy Chum's visit added an extra layer of joy and excitement for the children.

Updated: Jun 18

13 June 2024

Sta. Ana Hospital


It was Thursday morning, and the team set off to visit the sick children undergoing medical check-ups at Sta. Ana Hospital. They were not only avoiding the rush hour traffic but also thrilled at the prospect of meeting the children.

As expected, the children became excited upon the team's arrival. Their joy grew as they watched the team set up tables filled with goodies, delicious snacks, and special gifts—all intended just for them. Despite the sweltering heat that morning, Chummy Chum made a special effort to be there for the children. He couldn't miss the chance to meet them, share a greeting, and bring smiles to their faces.

The presence of Chummy Chum has always been such a delightful surprise for the children. Meeting a beloved mascot up close and personal would undoubtedly have been a magical experience for them. It's beautiful to think about how something as simple as a mascot visit could make them feel so special and appreciated.

Moments like these create lasting memories and leave a lasting impact on children, reminding them that they are seen, valued, and deserving of love and attention. Chummy Chum's visit undoubtedly added an extra layer of joy and excitement to an already memorable day for the children.

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