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Chummy Chum surprised children from the Young Eagle Nest.

Sir E, as we call him, as he doesn’t want to be named, regularly shares his blessings with the less fortunate children, regardless of the occasion.

This time, sir E chose to bring joy to the children of the Young Eagles Nest (YEN) Educational Program run by the DSWD in Molino, Bacoor, Cavite. YEN is an educational institution for indigent children.

On the morning of May 13 (Friday), the team left early from the Chummy Chum headquarters heading to the venue. They were all boarded on the Chummy Chum truck loaded with surprises for the children.

As the Chummy Chum truck pull off the front yard of the school, the pupils got so excited. Some were looking out from the window, while some were at the front door welcoming the arrival of the team.

The children seem to be tickled by the sight of each member one by one alighting the truck carrying boxes of food, and gifts. The chief technician staff set up the popcorn and cotton candy machine, bubble machine, and the audio system assisted by the crew and volunteers. The head of the team with the help of volunteers, set up the table with food packs, gifts ad give-away.

The children were playing around while the team was busy cooking the popcorn and cotton candy. When some packs of popcorn were available and the cotton candy machine was ready to take its first stick, the team called the children to form a line and get their share. It was indeed their first time to experience again these treats since the pandemic hit our country in 2020.

Finally, Chummy Chum made his way toward the children while the Chummy Chum songs were playing in the background. He did a little chat and later on a dance performance. The children were laughing and just enjoying every second of the moment. The funfilled engagement with Chummy Chum was followed by food pack distribution, as well as gift-giving for every child. The children received toys and special gifts from Chummy such as coloring books, minis stuff toys, and wristbands.

Thank you to sir E for his unwavering love for the less fortunate children, Pinkrocket to Topokkie pouches, toys care of SM Sucat Store, Mam Rona for the pretty paper bags, and the dedicated team of Chummy Chum who have been always excited to bring joy and help to the most in need.

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