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Chummy Chum together with Dswd brought cheerfulness and surprises to 70 indigent kids of Brgy Lumban

Date: February 22, 2019 Friday 9am to 11am Dswd Lumbangan Day Care Community Venue: Brgy Lumbangan Role covered court Nasugbu Batangas

A concerned friend from Nasugbu, Batangas invited Chummy Chum together with DSWD to help in bringing joy to a day care center to 70 indigent children. The coordinated effort went smoothly and as soon as the team arrived at 9 am the children were already waiting for them with excitement.

Many of the residents asked whether Chummy Chum was endorsing someone, but the team stated that they were there not to endorse someone but to spread love and share their blessings to mission areas that are in need of it.

The school games started as soon as the team arrived and in the midst of all the fun and excitement 100 popcorns were distributed to 100 kids. It was the first time the kids saw Chummy Chum the mascot which they hugged and took selfies with. After that they formed a line to receive gifts of love from Chummy Chum which included food and toys.

DSWD thanked the team for their time and effort in spreading joy to indigent kids in Bgy. Lumbangan. Chummy Chum as always was happy to comply.

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