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Chummy Chum, together with Sir Mark, gave Christmas treats to the SpEd students of Fourth Estate Ele

December 16, 2016

BRGY. SAN ANTONIO, PARANAQUE CITY – This morning, Chummy Chum visited SpEd students during their P.E. class. Whenever Sir Mark is not busy, he spends his time being a volunteer of Chummy Chum. He gives toys, healthy drinks, hamburgers, etc. That is the usual combination of giveaways he gives to children, usually at public hospitals. One time, Chummy Chum lead him to a hospital but an emergency meeting of the Out Patient Department officers left us to reschedule the event. But at that day, the donor, Sir Mark, is available. So Chummy Chum immediately contacted the Special Education Department of a public school. This is the advantage of having contacts to a place; we can organize an outreach program at the spur of the moment. Because of this, the day was saved and children with special needs were given happiness in an unexpected time. After some games, they danced and received gifts and foods. Thank you Sir Roger Carino for the additional refreshment.

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