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Chummy Chum Visits Kids at San Lorenzo Ruiz Women’s Hospital (SLRWH) OPD-Pedia & Children’s War

April 16, 2019 Tuesday 10am to 12nn San Lorenzo Ruiz Women’s Hospital at 0.Reyes St.Malabon City.

Chummy Chum has visited yet another children’s ward in Metro Manila. This time with SLRWH in Malabon City. Chummy Chum Foundation makes sure to have a regular visit to all its partner-hospitals and today, we visited the SLRWH OPD ward. Malabon City is somewhat near but the address is situated in an area where traffic is usually heavy. As the team arrived, they learned that it was the hospital director’s birthday the day before this event. As the director learned the purpose of the team’s visit, the team received a very warm welcome and assisted them to set up the booth near the main lobby. Chummy Chum has been known to the nurses and staff of the hospital and would tell the team how convinced they were that sick children become well as soon as they see Chummy Chum booth especially when they meet and pose for pictures with the Chummy Chum mascot.

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