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Chummy Chum Visits Research Institute for Tropical Medicine-OPD Patients

July 5, 2019

Friday 9am to 11am

Research Institute for Tropical Medicine Alabang Muntinlupa City.

Through Facebook, Chummy Chum received an invitation from RITM for a visit since the last time happened a year ago. RITM thought that Chummy Chum can only be invited once a year, and they were very happy to learn that Chummy Chum is always pleased to visit their institution as many times as possible based on the availability of the team.

On the said event, food, gifts, balloons, and treats were given away which made the children happy. It served as a way to get their attention to join the fun games and participate in the awareness campaign on what to do when one is bitten by wild animals like stray dogs and cats or rats.

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