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Chummy Chum w/ Rotary Club of San Pedro South’s Christmas Treat to Pacita Elem Students

Now that our Chummy Chum van is already fixed, we continue the share of blessing as we headed to San Pedro Laguna, as requested by Rotary Club of San Pedro South, to spread cheer to children of Pacita Elementary School as they held their Christmas gift-giving and feeding program.

When we got to the venue, the place was already abuzz with excitement from the people and the band who were already there. The clowns were told to suit up but the program dragged on as politicians addressed the audience, mostly little kids, with long speeches and we found out that this program was for elementary students who don’t even understand the statements and proposals that they were talking about. After the speeches, the program ended there. The kids weren’t able to play games and the clowns were unable to perform. Chummy Chum just danced for the children and we packed up to prepare for another event for that day.

Big thanks to Pat for volunteering.

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