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Chummy Chum w/ Sir JN, Brings Joy & Blessings to Kids at Ciudad Nuevo

It was a Sunday, a day of rest to most people, but for us here at CCF, it is just a normal day as we continue to bring cheers to poor children.

This time we went to Naic, Cavite upon the invitation of Sir JN and family for their charity activity for poor kids of Ciudad Nuevo, a relocation site created by the government for poor families of Estero de Manila. When we got to the area, we can say that it was far for those who are working in Manila. Sir JN comes home there only on weekends. The relocation site is good but relatively far that’s why only 20% of the houses are occupied. Some of them have become run-down due to neglect.

When CCF arrived at the venue, the organizers were in the process of registering the children. From the original 100 beneficiaries, it ballooned to 200 when they saw our Chummy Chum Van. The children all managed to fit inside the small clubhouse.

The clowns entertained the children as they conducted games for the children. Everyone enjoyed the event, even the parents who were just watching at the sides.

After the gift-giving and awarding of prices (courtesy of Ms. Ruth), Chummy Chum entertained the children with a dance number and picture-taking session.

Big thanks to Ms. Ruth for the canister lootbags and game prizes, and Ate Patricia for volunteering.

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