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Chummy Chum w/ UP College of Manila Share Blessings to Kids w/ Rare Diseases at PGH

After the Cavite event, CCF went Manila-bound and headed to Philippine General Hospital (PGH) for UP College of Manila’s Christmas Treat to RARE Kids. These kids are those that were born with abnormalities / defects in their bodies and/or minds.

It was only the UP-PGH Students who were able to raise funds to bring joy to these unfortunate children so we made sure to attend their program whatever happens.

Since the organizers have a limited budget, they weren’t able to avail the services of clowns. Nevertheless, they made sure that the children enjoyed the games. The children played as we prepared the popcorn. The emcee told them that if they listen really well and be attentive, they will be given popcorn, and so the children did. Chummy Chum came out as a finale number as he danced for the kids plus picture taking.

The kids enjoyed the party complete with mascot, popcorn, cotton candies, bubble machines plus game prizes.

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