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Chummy Chum with Kuya Mike surprised the children at the National Children's Hospital.

Updated: Jun 20

17 June 2024

National Children’s Hospital (NCH)

April this year, a young man successfully shared his blessings with the sick children at the National Children’s Hospital.

This June, he came back with the same intention. Consistency in kindness like that can make a significant impact on the lives of others, especially those facing difficult times. It was short notice – but the team could not decline such a request, after all, the initiative was for the children at the Hemaward and ICU of the NCH. Sometimes, the urgency of helping those in need outweighs the logistical challenges.

Just a day of preparation – the team never complained, all they knew was that children were waiting to be blessed with joy and love brought by Chummy Chum and kuya Mike (“kuya” is a Tagalog for older brother).

The day has come, the event was well-supported and organized with the help of Kuya Mike and his team of volunteers, who are also his friends. Their presence not only amplified the effort but also created a supportive and caring atmosphere for the children at the hospital. Having a strong team of friends volunteering together can make a significant difference in spreading joy and support.

Everyone was excited to meet and serve the children. Chummy Chum (the mascot) was there too, and he got taller (kuya Mike’s friend requested to be the Chummy Chum for that day, he was Chummy Chum underneath the costume). All the children were so happy feeling special at that moment. It's wonderful to see that everyone, including the parents, was having a positive experience.

All the children received gift bags, food packs, and cash gifts from kuya Mike. They also received yummy snacks and special gifts from Chummy Chum. The most joyful part was the laughs and giggles of the children (and the parents too) when Chummy Chum approached them.

Absolutely! The presence of Chummy Chum, the mascot, seems to have had a significant impact on everyone's experience that day. Mascots often have a magical way of bringing joy and excitement to events, especially for children. It's beautiful to imagine how Chummy Chum's presence added an extra layer of happiness, making the day even more special and memorable for everyone present.

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