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Chummy Chum with Ms. Elyn & Friends for a 2nd Birthday Outreach At National Children’s Hospital

June 18, 2017

Ms. Elyn and friends were generous as they prepared lootbags worth P500.00 for the children. We have been assisting Ms. Elyn in her birthday charity treats for 5 years and we can say that her friends are really supportive. Two months prior to the birthday outreach, Ms. Elyn already asks support from her friends and acquaintances and some of them pledge in cash and in kind.

Ms. Elyn’s volunteers were early at the venue as they prepare the lootbags and food. We helped them carry their stuff up on the 4thfloor of the hospital. When we got there, there was almost no space so we asked the help of janitors and staff so we could set up. Ms. Elyn arrived and greeted the children. She told them that she is a cancer survivor and that the children should not lose hope just like her, and tp continue to pray to God for healing.

Everyone, especially the cancer kids, had a great time, as they also participated in the games so they could win wonderful prizes prepared for them.

Thank you Ms. Elyn for your donation on our next event.

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