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Chummy Chum with Ms. Erika & Family Bring Joy to Cancer Kids of NCH

CCF went to National Children’s Hospital located at E. Rodriguez Quezon City to accompany Ms. Erika and her family as they share their blessings to children afflicted with cancer.

We saw new faces of cancer kids and we were alarmed about their condition especially one particular kid whose got jaundice, and bloated tummy which reminded us of a similar case way back in 2012 wherein one kid can’t even get up from the bed but that particular day, was able to stand up and played games. Shorly after gift giving, the kid died. The mother thanked us because we were able to her kid happy even for the last time.

I told this story to Ms. Erika and she couldn’t help but cry as she saw the condition of the children here.

She is very thankful to CCF for helping sick and less-fortunate children without expecting anything in return.

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