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Chummy Chum with Sir Bino & Friends Treat Cancer Kid Patients of NCHS to a Grand Party

Chummy Chum accompanied Sir Bino and friends at National Children’s Hospital in Quezon City to visit cancer kid patients and treat them to an extravagant party, with the help of his generous friends.

With toys, food, and some cash from generous people and companies, Sir Bino and friends held a simple charity activity with the cancer kid patient at the Hema ward of NCH.

This experience was both hearth-warming and heart-wrenching. You must be prepared to toughen yourself up and learn to hold back your tears when you see the sorry state of the children. It is also very heart-warming as these children are clearly overjoyed with the food and toys they received. In return we received many thanks, prayers, well wishes, and kisses. This is really an experience worth having.

One child needed platelets transfusion as her platelet count drops to 20. The family is having trouble securing platelets. There is some available but they need to buy it, and they do not have the money. I do not know what happened but a lady from an organization handling blood also was present at the same time as we were and she happened to pass by the Hema ward. We were introduced to her and we told the story of the young girl needing platelet. Problem solved. The girl will be transfused with platelets.

The Hema ward also needs about 15k worth of medicine and they have requested this money Lucky the money that Mr. Bino gathered from his friends is more than enough to cover the expenses and so they also made cash donations to the Social Service Department of NCH. One parent approached us and showed us the doctor’s prescription dated Aug 5, I was told that the 7-year-old patient is in dire need of this medicine to stop her seizure but the hospital cannot provide this as they do not have the said medicine. They requested if we can donate and Sir Bino went to the nearest drugstore and bought it.

Answered prayers.

We really do not know what to say and what to feel but we believe and attest that we were doing the right thing at the right time. This is really a magical moment for all of us.

Yes, it is tiring, yes, it is time-consuming but these kind of events will make you rethink and reorient yourself. While most of us are mad, sad, not contented with our hair, our make-up, our cars, our homes, our outfit, our funds for night outs and out of towns, while we are doing that many lives are at stake, and many wondering minds and eyes of children are battling cancer. Mr Bino’s promise this won’t be the last charity we will organize.

Thank you for donating the remaining gifts which will be donated for future events.

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