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Chumy Chum Visits Children on the Out Patient Department of Sta. Rosa Community Hospital

Date: April 17, 2018 Venue: Sta. Rosa Community Hospital, Sta. Rosa, Laguna

Once, a wise man said “Surprise is a greatest gift which life can grant us” – Boris Pasternak, and “Surprises are better than promises”, well it really is.

Sick children of the Sta. Rosa Community Hospital were very happy when Chummy Chum surprised them on a hospital visit. Chummy Chum as always brought joy to children by giving popcorn, cotton candy, toys, special gifts, and snacks. The day ended even more exciting when Chummy Chum interacted with children even for a short period of time.

Our sincere gratitude to all our partner-donors who generously share their blessings and to our dear volunteer and friend Ms. Ann for giving us a hand to fulfill our mission.

“Chummy Chum will live forever and continue to do its job for generations to come”.

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