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Corrine thought it was just a usual routine check-up at the hospital, then surprised gifts came.

No. 57

Corrine Daniel Fernando, 6, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL)

Corrine thought it was just one of those gloomy days at the hospital for her routine check-up. Then, a little later she was surprised with gifts from the Chummy Chum Foundation, and she was very excited. Corrine received cash assistance for her medical needs, formula milk, Chummy stuff toys, a set of coloring books with crayons, and something to share with the family.

Corrine is the elder of two children. Her father is a tricycle driver and her mother was forced to left her job to take care of her and the younger sibling. The family’s earning hardly covers the daily needs more so the maintenance medicine and nutritional needs of Corrine.

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