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Dedicating her birthday to giving back to the most in need.

22 June 2024

Celebrating Mam Che’s birthday with the children in

Tahanan ng Pagmamahal


Ms. Che had been very excited to spend her birthday in a meaningful way. That's how thankful she is for all the blessings she received and for the opportunity of another life ahead. She decided to dedicate her birthday to giving back to the most in need.


A couple of months ago, Ms. Che contacted the Chummy Chum Foundation and made sure she would be celebrating her birthday with the children at the Tahanan ng Pagmamahal.


The day has come, the Chummy Chum team, along with Ms. Che, her family, and a few friends, arrived early at the shelter, brimming with enthusiasm. They had all come together to volunteer and make the day extra special for the children at the shelter.


Working as one, they set up colorful decorations, games, and activities to create a festive atmosphere. The Chummy Chum team brought along gifts, toys, and treats for the children, adding to the food packs, special gifts, and entertainment courtesy of Ms. Che.

There was a clown who entertained the children and did a magic show. The children were thrilled when Chummy Chum (the mascot) joined them with a dance performance, captivating the children and filling the shelter with laughter and joy.


Throughout the event, Chummy Chum, Ms. Che, and her team interacted warmly with the children, playing games, listening to their stories, and making each child feel valued and cherished. The atmosphere was one of camaraderie and happiness, as everyone came together to create lasting memories for the children at the shelter.


As the day came to a close, Ms. Che felt a deep sense of fulfillment and happiness. With the help of the Chummy Chum team, they succeeded in making the event not only fun but also meaningful for the children, who had experienced a day filled with love, care, and laughter.


Ms. Che expressed deep gratitude for the blessings in her life and saw her birthday as an opportunity to contribute positively to the world around her. She felt thankful for the opportunity to celebrate her birthday in such a meaningful and impactful way, cherishing the blessings in her life and looking forward to the future with hope and gratitude.

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