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Easing the children's pain and discomfort with a simple "Hi" and "Hello"

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

10 October 2023

Ospital ng Tondo


Chummy Chum and his team went to give joy and share blessings with the children who were lined up for medical check-ups at the Ospital ng Tondo. The team prepared some yummy treats like freshly cooked popcorn, sandwiches, and fruit juices. Along with the snacks, the children also received toys, Chummy Chum coloring books, pillows, wristbands, and special gifts. The discomfort on the children’s faces due to the medical conditions they have been battling with has quickly changed and turned into a beautiful smile and excitement. It was like everything was fine with them at that very moment.

For 17 years, Chummy Chum has been a frequent visitor in this hospital, surprising the children who are having medical check-ups at the OPD, as well as the children who are confined in the charity ward. On April 20, 2011, the Ospital ng Tondo received a brand new infant incubator as a donation from the Chummy Chum Foundation with free maintenance and repair services. The hospital has a very good relationship with the foundation, no wonder that Chummy Chum and its team are well-known to most of the resident doctors, nurses, and hospital staff.

It was just a simple hi and hello that eased the children's pain and discomfort.

Special thanks to The SM Store for the toys.

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