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Extending help for little Alvin’s medical needs.

No. 158: Alvin, 5, Spina Bifida Arnold Chiari 2 Malformation and Hydrocephalus Neurogenic Bladder, PCMC.

Little Alvin had almost did not make it to be born. The parents were devastated, but they didn’t give up on Alvin. They asked around and learned about the best government hospitals in Manila. Alvin was successfully delivered at the PGH where he was born. However, the battle on his medical and health condition is a reality. He was born with a congenital defect of the spine in which part of the spinal cord and its meninges are exposed through a gap in the backbone. It causes him paralysis of the lower limbs, and sometimes mental handicaps. He is being treated at the PCMC, and medical management is a lifetime, which has been very difficult for the family since the only source of income is out of meager earnings from being a tricycle driver of the father. The mother is a plain housewife to takes care of the sick child.

Extending Php 10,000 assistance for Alvin’s maintenance medicine and other medical needs.

(Amount has to be mentioned for transparency)

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