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Giving joy to the children during the Holi Festival.

Chummy Chum Foundation, Bangalore celebrates the festival of the “Holi” with the children from one of the public schools in the Bellandur area. Holi is a popular ancient Hindu festival, also known as the Festival of Spring, the Festival of Colours or the Festival of Love. There were about 45 pupils from grades 1 to 5 served with food and treats.

The event started by handing out cotton candy and popcorn to the children. All the children were so excited as they form the line taking turns until they receive their share. Children were fascinated with the cotton candy machine, how it forms a ball of cotton candy on a stick, even more, amazed with the popcorn machine, watching the corn seeds pop into delicious popcorn.  What was so touching at that very moment is seeing how they loved and enjoyed eating these treats, for most of them, it was the first time.

After the snack distribution, the Chummy Chum team played “Holi” with the children. Since Holi is the festival of colour in India, the kids happily ran around their playing ground throwing colour and water balloons on each other. After playing, children received gift packs from Chummy Chum with sets of colouring books and crayons, wrist band and mini Chummy Chum stuff toy.

The team stayed on for brief ceremonial worship (called Pooja or Puja) at the school. Then they had lunch with the children, who were very happy and excited to have the Chummy Chum team at their school. It was a new experience for them and wishes Chummy Chum to come back and play with them again.


The event on the ground was truly magical as it was carried on by two dedicated staff from the Chummy Chum Foundation, Bangalore. Thank you very much for your hard work and for giving all these children a magical moment. Your team might be less in number but you definitely gave more.

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