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Grace for Greiz.

No. 61

Greiz Michaellah P. Mag-Aso, 13, Epilepsy, Cerebral Palsy Spastic Quadriplegic 

Greiz is the youngest of 5 children by a widow. Greiz barely breaths when she was born and had a laryngomalacia in 2009. Her doctor in PGH had estimated she would live 5 years at the most because of the critical and fragile condition. Greiz has been fighting surpassing beyond 5 years of her life. Her mother accepts laundry for a living and all her siblings are helping with the medical needs of Greiz, but since the pandemic, 3 siblings have lost their jobs, and it became harder for the mother to provide for the maintenance medicine of her youngest child.

The Chummy Chum Foundation saw the difficult situation of both Greiz and her mom, and the help was sent immediately. Greiz received cash assistance for her maintenance medicine and other medical needs including oxygen, as well as formula milk, toys, a set of coloring books and something to share with the family. The family is forever grateful for the kind of love they just received.

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