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Helping baby Riane to get well soon.

No. 67, Riane Kyle Delos Reyes, 4 mos, Maple Syrup Urine Disease

The father is one of some thousand workers who have lost their jobs because of the recession due to the Covid19 pandemic, and could not help his sick newborn baby to get her medical needs. Baby Riane was born with Maple Syrup Urine Disease, if untreated, can lead to seizures, coma, and death. It would be very painful for the parents to see their child with a debilitating health condition and can’t do anything to make them well.

The Chummy Chum team arranged for something that would address the urgent needs of baby Riane. With the generous heart of the founding members of the Chummy Chum Foundation, sent cash assistance for the medical needs and proper nourishment of the sick child, along with a brand new infant stroller, as well as a food processor for the baby’s special food. The family received grocery items that would help them get by for the coming days, and they are forever thankful.

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