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Helping Chester with his fight.

No. 99: Chester Quinones, 11, Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia, Las Pinas General Hospital Satellite Trauma Center

Chester has been diagnosed with B-Cell standard blood cancer since birth and fighting the disease for 11 years now. The doctor recommended a ‘bone marrow aspiration’ as part of the long treatment, for which the family is still blank on how to produce a fund for the procedure. The father’s work has been reduced to three days a week at the onset of the pandemic and sells fish when he’s no work schedule. The family is seeking help with Chester’s medical management and any amount to add to the fund they’ve been saving for the clinical procedure of the sick child.

Chummy Chum did not hesitate to send help for Chester with cash assistance for his medical management and nourishment, as well as grocery items to share with the family. He also got Chummy Chum dolls, sets of coloring books, and wristbands to keep him reminded that once in his life, Chummy Chum was there with him.

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