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Helping JC with his medical and nutritional needs, and more.

“Una po sa lahat maraming salamat kay God na binigay na blessings, salamat po sa pagtulong po sa mga warrior Chummy Chum Foundation Philippines Inc.” – Mommy L.

CMAP 182: JC, 11, Leukemia, PCMC / PGH

JC was diagnosed with blood cancer when he was 9. His medical condition was first seen in the Philippine Children’s Medical Center. The parents transferred him to the Philippine General Hospital (PGH), where he was being monitored. His leukemia was categorized as chronic and requires a lifetime of oral chemotherapy. The family could hardly afford the maintenance medicine and the nutritional needs of JC.

The father was an on-call driver while the mother took care of their 2 children and a nephew. The family was also taking care of the father’s father who was a senior citizen and was also confined at the PGH.

Chummy Chum immediately sent the help that was badly needed by JC. A total of Php 15,000 worth of medical assistance was shared with him and his family.

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