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Helping Ricamae to go on.

No. 110: Ricamae Presentacion, 12, Congenital Heart Disease with Brain Abscess, Philippine Heart Center (PHC)

Ricamae was born a “blue baby”, a congenital condition that affects the oxygen transportation in the blood, with congenital heart disease. She was supposed to undergo an immediate open-heart surgery but due to the relative medical complications, the surgery didn’t happen. Now, Ricamae has developed a ‘brain abscess’, a pus-filled swelling in the brain. Ricamae is basically just fighting for her life, and with the unconditional love of her parents, she’s still able to wake up every day.

The father of the foundation was so touched by the sick child’s fighting spirit to go on for as long as she is still given the chance to live. Through the untiring effort of the Chummy Chum team, the help reached Ricamae with cash assistance for her medical management, formula milk for her nourishment, and grocery items to share with the family.

Ricamae will still continue to receive cash assistance from the Chummy Chum Foundation in the next coming weeks.

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