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Helping the children see the beauty of the real world.

October 4, 2022: Muntinlupa Elementary School SPED Division

Chummy Chum cares not only for the physically ill but the mentally challenged as well. The team reached out to the children with special needs from the Muntinlupa Elementary School.

The children might already be happy in their own world, but it’s good to let them see the beauty of the real world, where people are loving and caring in nature.

All forty (40) special children received snacks and gifts. Chummy Chum also recognized the hard work, effort, and unconditional love of all the teachers who have been patiently molding the intellect of these special children so the latter can move forward to a quality life that all human beings deserved to have.

The children got excited when Chummy Chum (the mascot) joined and played with them.

Thank you to all the volunteer partner donors for sharing their blessings, Ms. Rona for the dainty paper bags, Ms. Fatima for VSoy, Tramo Central Group for paper cups, and Bahay Aruga Paranaque for stuffed toys.

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