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James will gonna have his maintenance medicines as scheduled.

No. 95: James Matthew Bondoc, 6, Leukemia, PCMC

James has diagnosed with Leukemia in PCMC. The family has been thankful that the major medical treatment of James is being shouldered by the government through the PCMC subsidy. James’ urgent need is nutritious and adequate food for him to cope up with his battle with blood cancer, as well as his maintenance medicine. The mother is doing on-call household works or any job available for her to generate income for the needs of the family but definitely could not cover the medical management of the sick son.

Chummy Chum did not think twice and sent help for James. With the cash assistance, James will gonna have his maintenance medicines as scheduled, as well as food supplements for his nourishment. James also received a box of formula milk, and grocery items to share with his family. Chummy Chum gave him a set of colouring books with crayons, Chummy Chum dolls, and wristbands, to keep James reminded, that somehow in his early life, Chummy Chum had been a part of it.

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