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Kylie, 8, Leukemia patient from PCMC

No. 171, Kylie, 8, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, Relapse CNS isolated, PCMC

Kylie was diagnosed with blood cancer in 2017, with continuous treatment at the Philippine Children’s Medical Center (PCMC), she was getting a good results and is almost on her way to full recovery. But it seems it is true that cancer is a traitor. Kylie looks well, but in one of her routine check-ups done recently, her doctor found cancer through CT Scan. Her cancer reactivated. The family was devastated, but never lose hope as they hold on to their faith that God will provide for them. Kylie is the eldest of the 3 siblings. The step-father is a minimum wage earner as a Janitor in a small company and the mother helps by selling street foods or anything legal that would help them pass by from their basic needs every day. The combined income of the parents is not enough to cover all the medical and nutritional needs of Kylie. The family doesn’t complain. They are ready to start the process from step one, and they need a helping hand.

The Child Medical Assistance Value received: Php 10,000. The value has to be mentioned for transparency and accountability.

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