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Little Alfred on his way to recovery and mum was very happy.

No. 69, Alfred Nicolai M. Aquino, 7, Brain Cancer (Anaplastic Ependymoma)

Alfred has just been recovering from his recent brain surgery. A surgery that hopes to help Alfred to live long. He was diagnosed with brain cancer.  Right after the surgery, Alfred must undergo series of chemo and radiation therapies as part of the recuperation process. Alfred is one of the 2 siblings by a single mom, who could only work for a small income due to the very limited opportunities. Mum’s heart was so heavy knowing that she could do very little for her little Alfred. She was blanked on how to get the maintenance medicine and provide nutritious food for her recovering child.

Chummy Chum immediately sent help for the successful recovery of Alfred. The family received cash assistance for the medical management and nourishment of Alfred, while Alfred was very happy with his Chummy Chum stuff toys and set of coloring books with crayons. The family also received grocery items that each member would certainly enjoy.

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