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Love for little Rockiel.

No. 90: Rockiel Lada, 3, Pediatric Ischemic Stroke, PCMC

Rockiel is the youngest among the 3 siblings. He has a major heart medical problem and needs to undergo open-heart surgery soon. Rockiel was supposed to have an MRI last January 2021 as well as regular physical therapy (3x a week) before the surgery takes place. Those procedures did not happen ever since they were required to do so due to a lack of resources. The father turns to be a tricycle when resigning from his regular job the only choice there was, to help her wife taking care of the three children, so the wife can focus on their sick child.

Rockiel received from Chummy Chum cash assistance for her medical management, formula milk for her nourishment, and grocery items to share with the family. The help includes Chummy Chum freebies like a coloring book with crayons, a Chummy doll, and wrist bands, just to keep Rockiel reminded that once in her early life, Chummy Chum was part of it.

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