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Matthew will surely keep his maintenance medicines on time.

No. 98: Matthew Jacob Pagaduan, 6, Severe Aplastic Anemia (bone marrow failure), National Children’s Hospital (NCH)

Matthew has Severe Aplastic Anemia caused by bone marrow failure. He was treated at the National Children’s Hospital (NCH), and so far maintaining a medicine to fix the active bleeding in his internal organs. The hospital strongly recommended an ATG (Anti-Thymocyte Globulin) procedure, a very expensive critical procedure but effective therapy for aplastic anemia. The family has started saving money for this purpose. What Matthew needs right away is to keep up with his maintenance medicines, for which the family is seeking help. The father is a construction helper and an extra tricycle driver.

The Chummy Chum Foundation sent help for Matthew with cash assistance for his maintenance medicine and nourishment, as well as grocery items to share with the family. Matthew also received Chummy Chum dolls, set of coloring books, and wristbands to keep him reminded that once in his journey, Chummy Chum had been a part of it.

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