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Ms. E vowed to give the 10% of her income to baby Venice.

Remember baby Venice Ballescas, 2 years old and was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL)? One of the followers of the Chummy Chum Foundation through its FB page and website has read the story of baby Venice and was moved by the baby’s health condition and the family’s poor economic status. She vowed to give the 10% of her income and send it directly to baby Venice every month from hereon. The mother was surprised to receive an unexpected amount of money on her GCash account. The giver didn’t want to go public and so we call her simply Ms. E.

Chummy Chum was very happy to have someone like Ms. E, who has just shown a true act of profound love.

Chummy Chum just shared baby Venice’s story and it earned the heart of people who are willing to help. The Chummy Chum team will be forever grateful to you Ms. E. Thank you for the love.

Baby Venice will surely be ready for her next chemotherapy.

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