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National Safe Kids Week at the QMMC.

June 29, 2022

The Chummy Chum Foundation joined the Quirino Memorial Medical Center (QMMC) in celebrating National Safe Kids Week. Pediatrician Specialists at the QMMC conducted a seminar that aims to empower the children and educate them and their parents or guardians with the universal safety rules and strategies to prevent and respond appropriately to health concerns, victimization, and all types of child abuse, and digital dangers.

Before the seminar started, the Chummy Chum team has already set up the table with snacks and freebies, as well as the popcorn machines. While waiting for the lecturers, Chummy Chum (the mascot) appeared before the children and had a brief moment with them. Everyone in the room was so excited.

After the seminar, there were photo shoots with Chummy Chum, lecturers, and all the children who attended the seminar. The team distributed the loot bags of snacks and freebies to each child.

This is the 7th time (to be exact) that Chummy Chum visited the hospital located on Tuazon Blvd. Quezon City. It has always been a successful one.  

Thank you very much to the founders of the Chummy Chum Foundation for their unending generosity for the indigent and unwell children, as well to the voluntary partner donors – Ms. JL for the loot bags, sir NG for the Migoreng noodles, Ms. RS for the pretty paper bags and the Pinkrocket for the Korean rice pasta.

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