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Noche Buena package for the warrior’s family.

December 23, 2022 (12NN): Philippine Children Medical Center (PCMC)

The Chummy Chum team surprises the children in the queue at the OPD Pediatric Department, PCMC. They surprise the family of each of the sick children with a Noche Buena Package courtesy of Mrs. Sison – a long-time voluntary partner donor.

The children received loot bags with yummy treats, gifts, and toys from Mam Jen, also a partner donor, as well as Chummy personalized gifts like pillows, coloring books with crayons, wristbands, and colorful balloons. The team never failed to cook and distribute popcorn to all who were waiting in the queue.

Thank you all so much for another memorable moment with the children in need.

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