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Nourishing Ron with love and care.

No. 88: Ron Diesel A. Perez, 7, Brain Abscess, Congenital Heart defect, VSD, PDA, ASD, PA, National Children’s Hospital

Ron was diagnosed with congenital heart disease when he was 3 months old. His heart has a hole that needed to be fixed right away for him to survive. He had been gotten frequent pneumonia due to his inborn disease and had been in and out of the hospital. Until one day in December 2020, Ron suffered the worst – he complained of severe and frequent headache, too painful that he would throw up, getting more seizures, his weight went down to 10kgs, too far from the weight of his age.

Upon learning of Ron’s condition, the Chummy Chum team sent medical cash assistance for his urgent medical needs, formula milk for his nourishment, and grocery items to share with his family.

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