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Providing for baby Nag’s urgent medical needs.

“Taos pusong pasasalamat sa maraming biyaya at tulong na pinagkaloob nyo po sa aking anak. Sobrang nakakaiyak po. Hanggang ngayon hindi pa rin po ako makapaniwala lalo na po marami na pong gatas ang aking anak. Sobrang pasasalamat na walang katapusan.” – Mommy P.

CMAP 181: Baby Nag (not his real name), 1, Escobar Syndrome, Philippine Children’s Medical Center

Baby Nag was born with a congenital medical condition called Escobar Syndrome. He got this from his both parents. A rare condition characterized by abnormal face, short height, and deformities on feet and certain body regions. In the case of baby Nag, it affected his kidney. At his age, he was found to have a kidney stone causing him to have a recurrent UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). He was being monitored by a nephrologist (a kidney specialist). Baby Nag was recommended to undergo a surgical procedure, which the hospital could provide. However, there were high-cost maintenance medicines and a special diet that the baby needs which the parents could not provide.

The father was a delivery boy earning Php 500 a day, while the mother was taking care of their sick child, as well as the 2 other children.

Chummy Chum did not think twice and sent the help that was badly needed by the sick child. A total of Php 15,000 worth of medical assistance was shared with baby Nag and his family.

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