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Rice packs, yummy treats and toys for the children along the lakeside of Laguna the Bay.

Updated: May 14

13 March 2024

Impoverished children along the lakeside

Taytay, Rizal

The Chummy Chum team went to visit the children in one part of the long stretch of the lakeside of Laguna the Bay. The children were surprised by the visit. It was the first time they met Chummy Chum and the team.

It was a hot Wednesday morning. The team took off early. They wanted to reach their target destination as early as possible. The team knew how much the children needed what they had for them. It was a simple gift. A 2.5kg rice pack, a toy, and a yummy treat for the children who live along the lakeside with their families. It was a simple gift, but a great deal for the children and their families.

At first, the Chummy Chum team was just planning a feeding program, but thanks to the generosity of many good Samaritans who shared rice packs and toys, along with the special gifts and yummy treats from Chummy Chum, all for the children. With the rice packs, the children and their families will be fed not only for the time being but at least for the next few days.

Special thanks to ATI and to those who never get tired of sharing their blessings to the most in need.

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