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Sending love to baby girl Kipkipan.

No. 125, Baby Girl Kipkipan, 19 days, 38 weeks by Maturity Index – Thickly Meconium Stained, Ospital ng Paranaque (OSPAR)

“Baby girl” Kipkipan was born a week overdue causing her to ingest her own feces. Her medical condition leads to severe illness that most of the time – fatal. The baby girl is 19 days old as of this writing – she is fighting for her life in the hospital and has yet to come home since she was born.

The parents have to let their newly born ailing infant stayed at the hospital due to critical medical and health conditions. The family is an informal settler, and financial struggle is their story every day. The mother is a plain housewife taking care of the 3 other children while the father is a construction worker whose earnings are not enough to cover all the basic needs of the family, more so the medical needs of his newborn baby.

As soon as Chummy Chum Foundation learned the urgent medical needs of baby girl Kipkipan, they send help right away. Chummy Chum team paid for the pending laboratory tests (2D Echo and B1 B2). The team made sure that baby Kipkipan will get the most needed laboratory tests to determine how she should be treated accordingly. The family also received cash assistance for other medical needs of the sick baby as well as grocery items. The grocery boxes contain about 2kgs Milk for the mother and basic food for a week supply for the family including rice, eggs, canned goods, and many more. The mother needs to be properly nourished as she has to gather more breast milk for her baby that she brings every day to the hospital.

The father was in tears while receiving the unexpected blessings. He mentioned in passing and in a really low voice, that their family is into a serious problem and the help came just in time it is needed the most. Coincidentally, it is also his firstborn birthday. The father, who has been a common-law partner for more than a decade, finally decided to tie in marriage with the mother through a civil wedding, Baby girl Kipkipan will have her birthright name soon as Joname Sayoran.

It is worth mentioning the hard work and compassion of the nurses at the NICU OSPAR taking care of the sick babies under their care, especially nurse Lerma, head nurse Carina, and Ms. Susan from the executive office. They have been witnessing how baby Kipkipan survives every day. They said she has better skin color than the day she was born (which is a positive sign). Though the baby is still oxygen dependent, but bravely fighting for her life.

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