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Sharing the blessing with the children from Bahay Aruga.

September 9,2022: Bahay Aruga Manila.

Chummy Chum’s long-time, dedicated voluntary partner Mrs. Sison never gets tired of sharing her blessings with the unfortunate little ones. She does it whenever she could. On her every birthday, she always celebrates it with the children from the orphanage or halfway home, from poor communities, or with indigent sick children from public hospitals.

This year, she chose to be with the children from Bahay Aruga located in Manila. It has always been a great feeling the charity event brought to Mrs. Sison. Giving joy to children is always a noble aspiration.

Happiest Birthday Mrs. Sison, the entire family of the Chummy Chum Foundation, and all the children whom you’ve touched with so much love and care, wish you the best of everything this life could offer.


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