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Sharing the blessings with the children of the Concordia home.

When sharing the blessings – distance is out of the question. Like Mam Aleyiah who’s based outside the Philippines, but managed to send her donation online. Genuine love knows no reason, no boundaries, no distance.

Amidst the busy weeks of Chummy Chum Foundation, a voluntary donor sent us a message through our FB page, she’s sharing her blessings with the children from her selected venue – the Concordia Children’s Home. Concordia takes in orphans and assists children who are from very poor families and provide them with education, spiritual hope, and nourishment, and serves as a temporary home for abandoned and neglected babies and toddlers. It is the first time for Concordia to accept visitors and conduct a charity children’s party since the pandemic started. The team was so excited to meet the Concordian children.

They woke up early and gathered at the office – prepping for the upcoming meeting with the new acquaintances. They drove off on the Chummy Chum truck full packed with surprises that the children will surely be happy about. As the truck pulls over at the parking lot of the Concordia house – the children were tickled by the sight of the Chummy Chum team members, one by one alighting from the truck, each one carrying boxes, (the children) wondering what was inside them (the boxes). The team started to set up the table with food, gifts, toys, and freebies. The popcorn and cotton candy machines were getting ready to delight the children. The air was filled with joy.

The team called for the children to get their share of cotton candy and popcorn. While the children were enjoying the yummy treats – cheerful music went on, then Chummy Chum revealed himself to the children from the corner of the front yard coming towards the children whose social distancing was controlled by their caregivers. Chummy Chum danced lively to the tune of the Chummy Chum jingle medley. The children were so happy to meet Chummy Chum. More high-fives and fist pumps between Chummy and each child.

At the end of the event, each child received a food pack, gift bags with toys, and freebies. The team also brought food for the caregivers. The moment was brief but definitely a successful one. The children were so happy.

Thank you very much Mam Aleiyan for being an instrument to the Charity of Love.

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