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Stronger love for Mikael.

No. 107: Mikael Cyrus L. Ruiz, 7, Congenital Hydrocephalus, Myelomeningocele, Club Foot, Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center

Mikael is a 7-year old boy who has abnormal growth due to his upscale medical and health condition. Mikael was born with an illness that affects his whole body from head to toe. He cannot stand up and walk, so he was just lying or sitting the whole time. He also doesn’t have bowel movement sensation, so he has been on diaper since birth. He is scheduled for an inevitable spinal cord surgery, and it has to happen soon. The family’s income has been severely affected by the pandemic, and don’t have the resources to support the major medical needs of their sick child.

The father of the foundation arranged with the foundation’s team to send help to Mikael in form of cash assistance for his medical management and formula milk for his nourishment, as well as grocery items to share with the family. The foundation reserves a little more help for Mikael to be given in the following days.

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