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Surprising the children at the National Children’s Hospital, and a special gift for their fami

December 23, 2022 (AM): National Children’s Hospital (NCH)

The Chummy Chum team drove off early morning all the way to Quezon City to meet the children who were having medical check-ups at the National Children’s Hospital.

The team was excited as they were bringing a special gift not only for the children but for their families. As soon as the team arrived at the hospital they set up an area where to meet the children.

The children and the parents were surprised by the visit of Chummy Chum. Then the team started to distribute the gifts, loot bags, Chummy Chum pillows, stuffed toys, and wristbands to all the children in the queue. They also children received food packs and drinks from Mam Jen.

The special surprise was the Noche Buena Package for the family of each of the children courtesy of Cacao&Company.

Thank you all who made this brief moment a very special day.

(The team has 2 other hospitals to surprise on this day.)

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