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Surprising the underserved children from Brgy. Sucat with unexpected joy.

7 June 2024

Brgy. Sucat, Muntinlupa City


As the sweltering Friday morning sun beat down, Chummy Chum and the team remained undeterred in their mission to visit the children in one of the depressed areas of Brgy. Sucat.


The children's faces lit up with joy as the team arrived. They may not have known what surprises awaited them, but in that moment, they felt special and cherished. The children's excitement rose when Chummy Chum, the beloved mascot, emerged from one of the huts. Their surprise and delight were palpable, adding to the magic of the moment.


Every child was treated to delicious snacks and special gifts meticulously prepared by the Chummy Chum team, tailored to bring joy and delight to each young heart.


The moment was fleeting but profoundly memorable for these underserved children, who rarely received visitors and were seldom made to feel as special as they did in that instance.  Another successful mission completed by the team, spreading happiness and bringing joy to underprivileged children.

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